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Located in Bradenton, Florida, Gary’s Carpet Cleaning offers carpet and upholstery cleaning services to both commercial and residential customers and we can handle your Bradenton Florida Oriental rug cleaning near me.

Bradenton Florida Oriental rug cleaning near me

This Chairman’s Award-winning company has been doing amazing work since 1983. Their services are unmatched, because they have the experience and equipment to deliver stunning results every time. One happy customer said, “We have used Gary’s service for years and have always been pleased. He and his pleasant and professional team arrive on time and have the carpets looking great when they leave.”

Gary’s Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to restoring beauty to carpets and furniture. Stained and dingy carpeting and furniture is very noticeable. However, cleaning carpet and furniture can be difficult and time consuming. So, to leave a good impression on visitors to your house or your business’s customers, trust the experts at Gary’s Carpet Cleaning to do the job right.

Rather than using shampoo or steam, which can leave residue and often fails to beat tough stains, Gary’s Carpet Cleaning uses Argosheen®. This cleaner is hypoallergenic, so it poses no risk to your family or pets. It is a water-based solvent that removes 99% of food and pet stains. Any carpet, regardless of color or fabric, will look brand new after Gary’s Carpet Cleaning is done.

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Cleaning upholstery and carpets can be time consuming and labor intensive. Unfortunately, many products on the market are not as effective as Argosheen® and stubborn stains and dirt will cling to the fibers after all of your hard work. The four technicians at Gary’s Carpet Cleaning will ensure that your carpet and furniture not only look good but are healthy and free of potentially harmful bacteria. One customer said, “The cleaning of the carpet was done very well! looks brand new! The dry time was very short. Stains all came out.”

Bradenton Florida Oriental rug cleaning near meCarpets and furniture are an investment for your home or business. They are a good way to express your individuality and you want them to be warm and inviting. You also want them to be one-time purchases that you don’t need to throw out because of excess grime. Gary’s Carpet Cleaning will help extend the life of your furniture and carpet by tackling dirt and stains.

Another happy customer said, “Very pleased with the quality of service and price of Gary’s Carpet Cleaning. Every time I have them done, they look almost brand new. Was recommended this service by a friend and would definitely recommend it to other people. Worth every penny!”

Periodically cleaning your carpet and furniture keeps your home fresh. It is especially important to stay tidy when you have children or pets around making messes and causing stains. Gary’s Carpet Cleaning, a 2016 Bradenton Herald People’s Choice Award-winner, will renew the fresh and hygienic feeling of your home or business. With competitive prices and a demonstrated history of excellence, this business provides gold standard service. They are open six days a week and are prepared to handle any job, big or small.

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